AkeBoose chamber doctor blade systems are designed to make printers’ everyday life easier by offering smoothly functioning and cost efficient ink metering of superior and consistent quality.

Our range of chamber doctor blade systems covers the whole spectrum of flexo printing applications, from narrow web label printing to wide web flexible packaging as well as corrugated and tissue printing. To accommodate the specific needs of the individual printing application, our chambers can be equipped with special features for optimal function.

Core benefits of all AkeBoose chamber doctor blade systems

Precision inking without back doctoring

Thanks to the asymmetric chamber design, the angles at the doctoring blade and the sealing blade towards the anilox roller are optimized. This allows for a high precision and consistent ink wipe at the working blade, eliminating issues like ink spitting or ghosting.

At the same time, the enhanced flexibility at sealing blade lets ink from unemptied cells pass through back into the chamber, avoiding dripping at the sealing blade ("back doctoring") that tends to occur in symmetric chamber systems.

Illustration of optimized blade angles at AkeBoose chamber systems



Powerful chamber system for medium to wide web flexo printing

NOVA Compact

Slim one-piece chamber system for narrow to medium web flexo printing


Sturdy dual chamber doctor blade systems for leak-proof flexo printing


Chamber doctor blade system with ink reservoir for resource-efficient label printing