Highlights of the CLASSIC chamber doctor blade system

Strong and corrosion-free stainless steel chamber
Leak-proof printing
Quick doctor blade and end seal changes

Robust and corrosion-free chamber setup

The CLASSIC chamber doctor blade system is a so-called “dual chamber system”, consisting of an inner and outer chamber. The system is designated for use with simple flexographic printing or coating applications that do not require frequent cleaning.

Since both inner and outer chamber are completely made of stainless steel, they can withstand extremely aggressive fluids used in the printing and cleaning process, even acids and bases.


CLASSIC dual chamber set up

100% leak-proof printing operations

The symmetric CLASSIC chamber profile makes it possible to print in both directions on the same printing deck. The outer chamber serves as a collecting tray for ink, making sure that no ink leaks onto the web or machine frame.

The solid chamber set up together with the rigid suspension system withstands harsh printing conditions like high fluid temperatures and mechanical stress.

CLASSIC leak-proof chamber design

Quick and straightforward doctor blade changes

Blade changes on the chamber are straightforward, and do not require any special tools or mechanics like compressed air. The blade clamping system is similar to our “Strip-Blade” blade holder system, where a thin and inexpensive doctor blade can be used.

The chamber can be fixed in a service position on-press, so that doctor blades and end seals are easily accessible.

CLASSIC chamber in service position

Suitable for broad range of printing widths and anilox sizes

The CLASSIC chamber doctor blade system covers working widths of up to 3000 mm (118 inches). To match the range of anilox roller diameters of 80 – 450 mm (3.1 inches to 17.7 inches) perfectly, the system comes in 8 different profile sizes for ideal blade angles.

Application area of CLASSIC:


  • Simple long run flexographic printing applications
  • Medium to wide web printing
  • Solvent, water and UV-based inks


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