Highlights of the NOVA RS chamber doctor blade system

Ideal for UV inks thanks to pump-less ink supply
Lightweight one-piece chamber for a smooth ink flow and quick ink changes
Easy tool-free doctor blade and end seal changes

Ink reservoir for pump-less UV ink supply

Our NOVA RS chamber doctor blade system is specially designed for label printing. It comes with an ink reservoir, which means it can be operated without an ink pump. This reduces the necessary amount of ink in the cycle and makes it a perfect choice for UV inks that can be difficult to pump but are easy to store in the chamber because they won’t cure without ultraviolet light.

The integrated ink reservoir offers sufficient capacity for large volume orders, while the print job can be finished even with little ink remaining in the chamber reservoir. Ink can be refilled at any time directly on press, even during printing.

NOVA RS profile view with ink reservoir

Lightweight, slim chamber profile for a smooth ink flow and quick ink changes

The lightweight one-piece chamber body from anodized aluminum with excellent mechanical and chemical stability is very easy to handle. A 500 mm wide NOVA RS chamber system weighs only ~ 2.8 kg. Thanks to its slim profile designed for a smooth ink flow, cleaning requirements are reduced to a minimum and ink changes can be done very quickly.

The patented AkeBoose doctor blade clamping mechanism allows for blade changes in seconds and guarantees a consistent high‑quality ink transfer to the anilox roller.

NOVA RS one-piece chamber for a smooth ink flow

Printing speeds of up to 200 m/min

To accommodate the flexibility and modular concept of modern label presses, the NOVA RS chamber supports bi-directional anilox rotation with anilox diameters between 90 and 115 mm. It is geared towards printing widths of up to 600 mm (23 inches) and printing speeds of up to 200 m/min (656 ft/min).

Besides UV inks, water‑based inks can also be applied with the NOVA RS chamber, provided they are rather viscous with minimum 28 sec in a DIN4 cup.

AkeBoose NOVA RS for a flexible label printing process

Self-supporting suspension system

When delivered with an AkeBoose suspension system, the NOVA RS chamber can be integrated on any press. The suspension system allows to fine-adjust the chamber position and angle towards the anilox roller for optimal ink wiping. For service and cleaning, the chamber can be quickly and easily removed and inserted again.

NOVA RS self-supporting suspension system

Application area of NOVA RS:


  • Label printing and coating
  • Narrow web printing up to 600 mm (23 inches) printing width
  • Predominantly UV inks, also water-based inks


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