What is a decor?

The idea of a decor is to give a product an appealing look. While this is admittedly the generic idea of any printed product, printed decors cover a special range of products, being mainly surface decors, metal packaging and bottle caps, also referred to as white caps.

Examples of decor products

Surface decors

Floor coverings
Furniture films

Metal packaging

Beverage cans
Spray cans
Storage tins / canned goods
Decorative tins

Bottle caps

Crown caps
Screw caps

Characteristics of decor printing

The types of products united under the name of decor are very different, and so are the printing processes. The printing methods used in decor printing are primarily flexo printing and rotogravure printing, but there are some applications printed in offset, especially in metal packaging. While flexo tends to be favored for smaller print run lengths and flexibility in material choice, gravure printing is used for decor types with very high print quality requirements and/or long print run lengths.

If we look at metal packaging printing compared to surface decor printing, the typical aspects of the printing process differ quite considerably.

Typical metal decor printing characteristics

Printing on metal sheets

Sheets are usually converted to the final metal package straight following the printing process. In some cases, the printing is even done on the ready-shaped metal product (e.g. with soda cans).

Typical surface decor printing characteristics

Mostly paper or plastic film substrates

Surface decors are thin layers that are attached to objects like furniture, doors or floors and thus need to be flexible to perfectly merge with the surface.

How AkeBoose can support you in the decor printing process

AkeBoose equips you with high-precision and flexible metering systems and ink supply systems that support you in meeting the high quality requirements of decor products. The easy handling and low-maintenance design of our product solutions enable you to efficiently focus on your core activity printing and finishing.


NOVA XLS chamber doctor blade system

Consistent and high-quality ink metering in flexo printing with excellent mechanical and chemical resistance

EPQ 200 ink supply system

Compact and easy to handle ink supply system for a balanced ink flow

EPQ 300 ink supply system

Compact and especially easy to clean two-container ink supply system.

Blade holders for rotogravure printing

Doctoring system replacing the traditional lamella doctor blade for excellent doctoring precision and considerably reduced blade costs

Special solutions for ink temperature control

Special machinery and components tailored to your individual application