In order to produce high-quality print results, it is essential to keep the condition of printing inks and varnishes stable. This includes the filtration of ink contamination during the printing process, such as

  • dust
  • ink lumps
  • steel fragments resulting from wear of doctor blades against the screen roller.

AkeBoose ink filters are made to ensure a continuous and effortless ink filtration.

Advantages of AkeBoose ink filters


CleanInk CIP20 magnetic ink filter

CleanInk CIP20 magnetic ink filter

Highlights of the CleanInk CIP20 magnetic ink filter

Filter mesh can be adapted to different printing application requirements
Automatic cleaning on press with washing cycle for chamber system
Strong magnetic force to safely collect steel particles from worn doctor blades

Optimal filtration results for all flexo printing applications

Depending on the printing application for which the filter is used, different filter mesh sizes can be installed in the CIP20 filter housing. The choice of the suitable filter mesh makes sure that the filter responds to the ink characteristics and process requirements of corrugated cardboard production, line-work, process color printing and coating in order to achieve optimal ink filtration.

Different filter mesh sizes for CleanInk CIP20
Removable and replaceable filter screen

Easy cleaning on press and off press

Since the CleanInk CIP20 is installed on the ink supply tube between chamber doctor blade system and supply pump, it gets simply cleaned during the washing cycle of the ink chamber. If required, the filter screen can also be removed quickly from the filter housing for external cleaning or service.

Safe removal of steel particles from the ink

The standard way of transferring ink from the chamber system onto the anilox roller is by means of a steel doctor blade. When the doctor blade scrapes against the ceramic coated anilox roller screen, the doctor blade wears and tiny steel particles mix into the printing ink. In order to keep the ink rheology and thus the ultimate print result stable, it is important to remove these steel particles from the ink.

The easiest and most reliable way to do this is to use magnetic force. The CleanInk CIP20 filter has an integrated strong magnetic rod that magnetically attracts even the finest particles. The rod is attached to the lid of the filter, which can be easily removed from the housing and wiped with a cloth to dispose of the steel particles from time to time.

Magnetic rod on CleanInk CIP20 filter lid


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