To achieve consistent print quality in flexographic printing, systematic color management is essential. To this end, it is very important to ensure an optimal ink flow in the cycle between ink containers and printing unit, so that


  • there is always fresh ink circulating
  • no deposits are created
  • air can escape from the doctor blade chamber
  • and the cells of the anilox roller are evenly filled with ink.

AkeBoose ink handling systems are developed to support an efficient ink supply and return, which is beneficial for a smooth printing operation.

Advantages of AkeBoose ink handling systems

Compact set up for straightforward machine integration

AkeBoose pump systems are designed for straightforward machine integration and daily operations. All pump parts are easily accessible, use quick coupling hose connections and are low-maintance.

Ink pumps of the EPQ series have a compact enclosure that keeps the pumps clean and allows flexible installation options.

Compact and clean pump set up of AkeBoose ink handling systems


EPQ 200 ink supply system

Compact, easy to handle and clean ink management for a low-pulsation and balanced ink flow.

EPQ 300 ink supply system

Compact and straightforward ink supply system for quick ink changes.

EPZ ink pump unit

Centrifugal pump unit for a continuous, pulsation-free ink supply.