Highlights of the NOVA TK chamber doctor blade system

Ink-saving, leak-proof flexo chamber technology
Low-wear precision doctoring for resource-efficient printing
All-in-one modular chamber for quick and easy handling

Designed to make your flexo printing life easier

Press uptime is key to profitable flexo printing. The NOVA TK chamber system is made for leak-proof and resource-efficient printing. Thanks to the modular set-up, NOVA TK can be customized to guarantee maximum efficiency in your flexo press.

With NOVA TK, you bring down machine downtime related to wear and leakage. This means you increase your productivity and reduce operational costs, so that the moderate investment for the NOVA TK system is quickly earned back.

NOVA TK all-in-one modular flexo chamber system

Clean one-piece technology

The asymmetric contours of the chamber body are shaped in a way that guarantees leak-proof operations and easy evacuation of the chamber to almost 100%, which saves valuable ink.

Accordingly, cleaning requirements are minimal, especially since the blade clamping is integrated into the chamber body without any mounting parts where ink could stick and dry.



NOVA TK all-in-one chamber profile

Low-wear precision doctoring

The rigid shape of the profile guarantees doctoring precision at wide formats of up to 6000 mm. Up to a width of 1200 mm, the chamber is even self-supporting and does not require a support beam. The proven AkeBoose “kiss-impression” low-pressure doctoring principle ensures an optimal ink wipe with minimum wear of end seals and doctor blades.

The average flexographic printer changes blades twice per week. With AkeBoose kiss impression chamber technology, printers have been able to run several weeks to months with one set of doctor blades.

NOVA TK self-supporting with sideplate NB
NOVA TK with support beam

Quick and easy blade and seal changes

Changing doctor blades and end seals requires very little time without any tools or mechanical aids such as compressed air. The blade is simply fixed with a rubber profile in the blade slot, which not only makes the blade sit tight and straight, but also prevents the blade slot from ink contamination. The end seal is easily and safely locked in place in a designated slot in the chamber back. This fixation system is patented.

NOVA TK tool-free blade and end seal changes

Modular system matching you printing application

Special NOVA TK features for flexible packaging printing

Special NOVA TK features for corrugated printing


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