What is tissue?

Tissue papers are made of pulp and typically have a creped structure. This special type of paper is absorbent, lint-free and needs to meet special demands in terms of tear-resistance. Tissue papers are produced in large volumes for a wide range of applications including household, medical care, cosmetic, catering and industrial use.

Tissue papers can be categorized into two main categories: Hygiene papers and table decorations.

Examples of tissue products

Hygiene papers

Medical rolls
Toilet paper
Kitchen paper towels
Facial tissues

Table decorations


Characteristics of tissue printing

Tissues are printed on special machines which are specially designed for the soft, absorbent and elastic tissue web. The underlying printing method is flexo printing - the material comes from a big master roll and is then printed and converted into the final product shape. Typically, the anilox rollers have a large screen and high ink pick-up volume.

In general, the tissue printing process is characterized by:

High printing speeds

The printing speed can easily reach 600 m/min and more. High printing speeds can cause increased paper dust formation that needs to be coped with.

How AkeBoose can support you in the tissue printing process

AkeBoose equips you with corrosion-safe chamber doctor blade systems and ink supply systems that are built for a balanced ink flow, consistent ink transfer and a clean printing operation, even with high ink volume at high printing speeds. The design of our chamber doctor blade system offers extended service life of doctor blades and end seals, reducing machine downtime considerably. This enables you to finish long print runs even more efficiently.


NOVA XLS chamber doctor blade system

Corrosion-safe stainless steel chamber doctor blade system for a consistent ink transfer to the substrate and easy cleaning

EPQ 200 ink supply system

Compact and easy to handle ink supply system for a balanced ink flow

EPZ ink pump unit

Pulsation-free ink pump with continuous flow control for a reliable ink supply to the printing unit