AkeBoose HiQ doctor blades for blade holders

Sweden is the world's leading manufacturer of high quality steel. HiQ Doctor Blades from AkeBoose have been carefully selected from the highest qualities of Swedish steel, for perfect doctoring in flexography and rotogravure printing.

Our product range includes carbon steel, stainless steel and longlife doctor blades in a large variety of dimensions and qualities, specially designed to match AkeBoose inking and doctoring systems.

AkeBoose doctor blades for doctoring systems

Doctor blade types

HiQ Red doctor blades

Fine carbon steel alloy doctor blades for use with solvent based and UV inks, ideal for small to medium-run print jobs.

HiQ Blue doctor blades

Carbon steel blades of refined quality for use with solvent based and UV inks, ideal for medium to long-run print jobs.

HiQ Silver doctor blades

Corrosion-safe stainless steel doctor blades for use with water-based inks and all print job lengths.

HiQ Gold doctor blades

Tooling steel doctor blades with strong wear resistance against highly abrasive ink and coating types such as white or metallic ink pigments.

HiQ Black doctor blades

Surface-treated doctor blades from either carbon, stainless or tooling steel for extended lifetime. The surface treatment hardens the blade and makes it extra smooth towards the cylinders.

HiQ Platinum doctor blades

Ceramic-coated doctor blades with excellent lifetime, suitable for all ink types.

Blade cost savings with HiQ doctor blades in combination with blade holders

The AkeBoose blade holder doctoring system allows to use a 10 mm wide round-tip blade strip as doctor blade instead of the 40 to 60 mm wide lamella doctor blade, which is traditionally used in rotogravure printing. The purchase cost per meter for a 10 mm doctor blade is naturally much more inexpensive than a much wider lamella blade of the same material.

Thanks to the low-pressure blade holder set up, not only the lifetime of the doctor blade can be increased by up to 50%, but also the service life of the printing cylinder can be extended.

This makes the HiQ doctor blades together with AkeBoose Strip-Blade and NewEdge® blade holders a very economic and efficient doctoring solution for rotogravure printing. The doctor blades are available in different thicknesses of 0.065 mm to 0.203 mm to accommodate different micro wipe requirements.

AkeBoose HiQ 10 mm doctor blade strip


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