Highlights of the EPZ ink pump unit

Pulsation-free ink supply with continuous flow regulation
Suitable for all ink types (solvent, water, UV)
Simple operation and maintenance

Centrifugal pump for a continuous ink supply

The EPZ ink pump unit features a centrifugal pump which ensures a uniform and pulsation-free ink delivery. By means of the integrated bypass, the ink flow of all printing ink types (solvent-based, water-borne, UV) can be continuously regulated.

EPZ centrifugal ink pump with bypass

Optimal ink circulation thanks to special ink container design

The EPZ unit comes with an ink container which volumes ranging from 25 to 55 liters. To ensure optimal circulation even at low ink filling level, all container sizes have a sloped bottom. The two-part lid allows a visual control of the ink filling level and refill, even when the unit is in operation.

The containers are made of solid stainless steel that can be easily cleaned either manually or  in an automatic parts washing machine.

EPZ ink pump container design

Flexibly interchangeable ink container sizes

One smart thing about the EPZ unit is that the special design of the pump unit makes it possible to use different ink container sizes with the same pump-bypass unit, without changing the installation height. That allows to use the unit flexibly and economically for different print job requirements.

Flexible pump unit set up


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