Highlights of the NOVA Compact chamber doctor blade system

Easy handling and cleaning thanks to one-piece design
Quick and tool-free doctor blade change
Strong but light-weight thanks to self-supporting chamber set up

Smart one-piece chamber design for easy handling

NOVA Compact is a slim design chamber doctor blade system which is very straightforward to handle and offers excellent value for money.

The chamber body exists of exactly one piece, uniting all the features it takes to print efficiently. The asymmetric chamber profile offers doctoring precision without the risk of back doctoring.  The smooth interior design combined with the minimalistic blade clamping system reduce the cleaning effort to absolute minimum.

NOVA Compact one-piece chamber design

Inking consistency and superior doctor blade life

Like with all AkeBoose chamber systems, the “kiss impression” low contact pressure doctoring principle of NOVA Compact is beneficial for a consistent ink transfer and extended service life of doctor blades and anilox rollers.

AkeBoose NOVA Compact low pressure doctoring principle

Quick blade change - no tools needed

The doctor blade is fixed in the blade slot with the help of a special rubber seal strip. This way of fixation brings numerous advantages with it:

  • Mounting and removing doctor blades is only a matter of seconds
  • The blade change can be done without tools
  • The blade slot is sealed against ink all along the chamber, i.e. is easy to keep clean
  • The blade sits absolutely straight and secure over the complete chamber width
  • The rubber profile dampens vibration
NOVA Compact tool-free blade clamping

Compact self-supporting and light-weight chamber set-up

The NOVA Compact is designed to be self‑supporting. Instead of a traditional suspension system, the chamber is mounted with special side plates to the machine. This makes the whole installation not only very compact, which is favorable for the integration with printing units offering little space, but also offers easy access to the anilox roller when the chamber is removed for cleaning.

The chamber body is made of strong anodized aluminum with high chemical resistance, being suitable for all ink types. With only approx. 5 kg per meter chamber length, the NOVA Compact is very light-weight and ergonomic to handle.

NOVA Compact is designed for printings widths up to 1200 mm (47 inches) and anilox diameters ranging from 75 to 154 mm (2.75 to 5.9 inches).

NOVA Compact self-supporting chamber set-up

Options for NOVA Compact

Application area of NOVA Compact:


  • Narrow to medium web printing
  • Label printing
  • Flexible packaging
  • Coating
  • Marking
  • Envelope printing
  • Block bottom bag printing
  • In-line printing


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